An adapted design for the process of creation

The Quru is a minimalistic chair, which combines the ideas of simple beauty and practicality. It is constructed of wooden pipes veneered using the most efficient ways of processing the wood. The Rotary cut Veneer method has long been recognized as the most effective way to process wood, but to date has only been used to treat the surface materials of furniture and interior elements. After careful experimentation I discovered that this process could also be applied if the material is carefully rolled into a pipe or cylindrical shape, hence the inspiration for the name, it comes from the Japanese word for the sound made when rolling something up, “Quru, Quru”. No more than a simple adhesive is required for this “rolling” process. This idea came from a childhood game in which we used to roll newspapers into swords. The natural result is an item of furniture that combines a strong structure, elasticity and lightness with the most efficient use of materials but is also pleasing to the eye.

桂剥きのように、もしくは千切りのようにカットする突板の製法は、有限な木材を最大限に活用できる技術のひとつだと考えます。内装材や家具の仕上材として使用される、約0.5mm厚の突板を、幼い頃に新聞紙で作った剣のようにくるくると巻いて成形する技法を用いて、パイプ状の部材をつくり椅子を構成しました。Quru は、「素材の採り方、扱い方」を見つめ直す時間をプロセスの始めに据える事で今迄の椅子にはない軽さや強度、弾性といった特徴が自然に生まれてきた作品です。